Blogger vs WordPress | Full Detailed Comparison

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Are You Confused? Which Is For You? Blogger vs WordPress- Which One You Should Choose? Let Me Clear You. After Reading This Article, Your All Confusion Will Be Cleared About Blogger and WordPress.

Blogger vs WordPress | Full Detailed Comparison

Blogger vs WordPress - Which Is Best?

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Blogger vs WordPress- Before you start reading reading article, you must know about Blogging. Beacuse both Blogger and WordPress are platforms for writing articles. And simply writing articles means Blogging. Both platforms are created on same year, 2003. Then they were not so famous as compared to now. Blogging became popular after 2010. But people think that Blogger is not so advanced as WordPress. I am going to break down all myths. I have pointed out some main quries here. So read this article carefully.

1. Free & Premium

Every blog and Website needs a Hosting and a Domain or Subdomain. Hosting means a cloud storage that stores your website's data. As like as you store music photo and others on your sd card or hard drive, a website's files are stored in a cloud storage. Which is called Server.

   Blogger offers its free hosting service which is completely secured because of Google's High Security. It is created through your Google Account. And Blogger offers you a free free subdomain eg 'www.yourBlog.blogspot.com'. And you can connect a custom domain to it. There are a lot of features Blogger offers.

   And WordPress is divided into two parts WordPress. Com and WordPress. Org. WordPress. Com provides you free hosting with limitations which is not enough for your blog, and provides paid plans which is too costly. But it is secured because of High Authority. But I personally don't recommend WordPress. Com because it doesn't worth buying.

   WordPress. Org needs both third party hosting to host your website and a domain or subdomain. There are many hosting service providers that provide One Click WordPress Installation. But be careful while buying Hosting. Because Hosting plays a very important role in Blog. As I mentioned earlier, Hosting is a storage. If storage bandwidth is low, then your blog's loading time will be affected. There are many types of hosting like Windows Hosting, Linux Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server.

   If you use Blogger, then you have to pay for just only a Domain. And if you use WordPress, then you have to pay for both Domain and Hosting.

2. Features

When it's time to compare the features, then always WordPress comes first.

  Blogger offers limited features which are more than enough. You can install Third Party Themes. And you can add custom header tags and custom redirects. If your theme supports customization, then you can customize it through Layout Section. And you can edit theme codings through Blogger Panel > Theme > Edit HTML.

  WordPress offers you many features to your blog. Like Blogger, you can install Themes in your blog. Specially you can install Plugins to your blog. You don't have to edit your Theme to add features because installing Plugin can do it for you. But the Themes and Plugins are Freemium. That means some are free and some are paid.

  But there is a advantage of Blogger. Because It provides free blogspot subdomain. And it ranks on Google because of it High Authority. So if you have no money, then you can start using a free subdomain. And Google Adsense also gives approval in free blogspot subdomains. Later you can buy a custom domain name after earning.

3. SEO

In SEO, It doesn't matter which platform you are using. It depends on you. For SEO, there are some plugin in WordPress like Yoast SEO etc. These are bots and scripts that work for you. They show you On Page SEO directions while writing an article. If you do it yourself, you don't need Helpers. You can do it in Blogger. Like Yoast SEO Plugin submits your site's Sitemap to search engines. You can do it yourself manually. So don't judge Blogger bad in SEO.

4. Price Range

There is no fixed price in buying Domain & Hosting. Service providers offers services cheap occasionally. If you use Blogger, then you need only a custom domain. There are many popular Domain Registrar available like GoDaddy, NameCheap and BigRock. If you have Visa or MasterCard Credit Card or Debit Card, then you have a great deal in GoDaddy that is A .Com Domain for $1 only. And usually people pays $5 for a .Com Domain.

 And for Hosting, There are lot of Hosting Service Providers. For WordPress, A2 Hosting, Blue Host, SiteGround are some good Hosting Service Provides which costs less than other service providers.

 You can say you spend much for Hosting if you go with WordPress.

5. Secuirty

Many websites get hacked on daily basis, and about 80% of them are built with WordPress. And you already know that Blogger is a Google's product, that's why it can't be hacked unless you share your Google Account's password with others. So, if you can't secure a website, then you should go with Blogger.


Both platforms are good. It depends upon the user how he is using any of them. I hope you will find this article helpful. Thank you reading this article- Blogger vs WordPress | Full Detailed Comparison.