Create Your Free Blog On Google Blogger(Blogspot)

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Create Your Free Blog on Google Blogger(Blogspot) and Start Your Blogging Career For Free. You Will Find Here Everything That You Need To Be A Successful Blogger.

Create Free Blog on Google Blogger

Learn How To Create A Free Blog On Blogger


Blogger is a free platform from Google for publishing contents to Internet through a blog. It was started in 2003. Since then, thousands of free blogs have been being created. So you also can create your own blog. In your journey, I will help you. So, I am going to share all checklists that you should follow to start a free blog on Google Blogger(Formerly known as Blogspot). It is a Google's product that provides you a free blogspot subdomain and totally free web hosting that your blog needs to stand up.

Requirements For Creating A Free Blog On Blogger:

  • A Smartphone or a Laptop or a PC(Computer)
  • Internet Connection
  • Some money if you consider buying a Custom Domain

1. Creating A Free Blog On Blogger

  1. Go to blogger.com or search Blogger on Google
  2. Log in sign in via your Google Account
  3. Click on Create Blog
  4. Now Give a unique blog name to your blog.
  5. And type a blog address to your blog which is called a subdomain. Later, if you buy a domain, you can add that also. Do not type a lengthy url because it looks like spammy. Google doesn't approve spammy urls for SEO and Adsense too.
  6. After doing this, your blog is completely ready. You can check by typing your url in browser's address bar.

2. Create A Logo For Your Blog

Everything needs a recognition. To make your blog popular, you must have to create your own logo to make sure that people can identify your blog on seeing your logo.

To create a logo, there are many free and paid tool. Those can help you, but you need your own creativity to make your logo unique and eye-catching.

3. Designing The Blog

Now you have to customize your blog for better user experience and better SEO.

In your Blogger Dashboard, you will be able to see a option 'Theme'. Click on the Theme section. There are a lot of free Blogger themes that you can use to design your blog. Choose a theme from there and apply it to your blog. This is a basic instruction to design your blog. Every blogger template has it own layout. It can be customized by the blog owner. To customize your blog layout, you have to go to 'Layout' section from your Blogger dashboard.

4. Basic SEO Settings For Blogger

There are a lot of SEOs like On Page SEO, OFF Page SEO, White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. But everything starts with a basic level. You must pass basic level to work on advanced level. So, Blogger has also some basic SEO settings to rank higher in Search Engines. Lets do those settings one by one.
To do so, you have to go to settings section from your Blogger Dashboard.

In settings section, you will find a basic option. Click on it.

There is a 'Blog Title' option, type there the name of your blog if you want to change.

And below it, there is a option 'Blog Description'. You have to add a detailed description related to your blog from this option. There is a 'Blog Address' option. It is the url of your blog. You can change it whenever you want to change it. And when you purchase a domain, you can connect that domain with your blog through this option.

5. Writing An Article

Articles are the main things that bring money to a blogger. Because articles drive traffic to your blog. An article contains keywords, and keywords are searched by people on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. If your article rank higher than other articles, then people will click on your article. So Blogging means writing articles. To write an article in Blogger, you have to go to Blogger dashboard. There you will find a 'Posts' section. From there, you can write articles, edit your published articles and draft saved articles.


These are the basic steps to create your free blog. There are many things you need to do after creating your blog. You can find all solutions regarding Blogger in our blog. Thank you for reading this article- Create Your Free Blog On Google Blogger(Blogspot).