These Phones Are Dangerous To Your Health? Know About SAR Value?

By The All Point
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Here You Will Know About A Harmful Side Of Your Smartphone That Can Affect You And Your Loved Ones, Which Is Called SAR Value.

These Phones Are Dangerous To Your Health? Know About SAR Value?


In the Era of Science, Technology is growing faster than ever. The spotlight goes to Smartphone Industry which has brought a impressive development in Telecom History. Today's a midrange phone's camera is much better than 90's flagship cameras. The development is clearly visible in the pictures captured by today's smartphone's cameras.

 In other hand, internet speed is another measure to discover the development. In this 4G era, everyone has a smartphone which has 4G connectivity to browse and be socialized through social media. Some countries has already 5G network.

What Is SAR?

 So, we have discussed the improvements in Telecom History. But what is the problem with smartphones that I am going to share with you all? There's reason behind it. I think you have heard about Radiation. In simple words, Radiation is the harmful radioactive frequency which is caused by smartphones. It is one of the reasons for decreasing numbers of birds. It affects small lives and trees also. And it affects human brain also when it comes close to human brain. There's value of radiation which is called SAR(Specific Absorption Rate). It defines the rate of radioactive frequency that human body absorbs. Its measurement unit is w/kg. There are two types of SAR. The first one is Head and the another is Body. Head defines the SAR of smartphone's upper part where connectivity parts work. And Body clarifies the SAR that is emitted by phone's body. For example, my phone has 0.821 w/kg(head) and 1.180(body) SAR values. Which is safe. But there are some limitations authorized by Telecom Authority. There's a limitation authorized by Telecom Authority. This clarifies that if a phone contains more SAR rate than 1.6 w/kg, then it won't get certificate to sell the phone. Because 1.6 is the maximum SAR value that is safe for us. It is believed that more value of SAR damages human organs. So, all cellphone companies make their handset maintaining SAR limit of 1.6w/kg. But still lower value of SAR is safer than more SAR value.

How To Check Your Phone's SAR Value?

Here are the steps to check your phone's SAR Value :
  • Go To your phone's Dialer
  • Dial *#07#
  • Then a window will pop out
  • There you will find your phone's SAR Value

Why These Phones That I'm Going To Mention Are Unsafe?

Some popular smartphones like Xiaomi Redmi A1, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6T and Google Pixel 3 XL, Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and others have the highest amount of SAR Value recorded ever. Each of these three handsets causes SAR Value more than 1.0 w/kg. Though SAR Value more than 1.6w/kg is not fair, but still we should consume SAR as low as possible. Because it worth your life and life of your loved ones also.

Here is a list of Smartphones with highest SAR Value :

List Of Smartphones With Highest SAR Value

 Name Of Smartphones  SAR Value 
 Xiaomi Mi A1 1.75 w/kg
 OnePlus 5T 1.68 w/kg
 Xiaomi Mi Max 3 1.58 w/kg
 OnePlus 6T 1.55 w/kg
 HTC U12 Elite 1.48 w/kg
 Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 1.45 w/kg
 Google Pixel 3XL 1.39 w/kg
 OnePlus 5 1.39 w/kg
 iPhone 7 1.38 w/kg
 Sony Xperia X21 Compact 1.36 w/kg
 HTC Design 12/12 Plus 1.34 w/kg
 Google Pixel 3 1.33 w/kg
 OnePlus 6 1.33 w/kg
 iPhone 8 1.32 w/kg
 Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 1.29 w/kg
 ZTE AXON 7 mini 1.29 w/kg

As mentioned above, if you have one of these these smartphones, then you need to be careful.

How To Be Safe From SAR?

It is believed that SAR Value of 1.6w/kg or more than 1.6w/kg, is harmful to us. But still we have to be careful because more SAR Value is the more harmful. I mean you have to be careful if your smartphone is emitting more than 1.6w/kg frequency. There is no option to be safe from SAR unless you don't use your phone. But still I have two recommendations that you should follow. They are -

  1. Consider using headphones or earphones while calling to others. Or turn on loudspeaker. I mean you should not hold your phone near your head.
  2. Keep your phone in a distance from you at night while sleeping.

Conclusion :

People ignore it, because most of them don't know about SAR Value. So they doesn't care. But you have to be careful for yourself and your loved ones also. Thank you for reading this article about SAR Value.