Blogger Is Going To Be Shut Down? Blogspot.In Domain Expired !

By The All Point
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Everyone Has A Fear Of Losing Their Blogs Who Are Using Blogger. Because Suddenly 4 Million Blogger Blogs Have Been Deleted. So You Must Read This Article Before You Take Any Action.

Blogger Is Going To Be Shut Down? Blogspot.In Domain Expired | 4 Millions Blogs Deleted

What Happened To Blogspot.In Domain?

As you already know 4 million blogs have been deleted after Google's Blogspot.In Domain has been sold out. Google registered Blogspot.In in 2012. This domain was created for Indian Blogs which were created on Blogger(Blogspot). Many people created their blog with Blogspot.In Subdomains. Now they are vanished.

 As I told you Google started it in 2012, but Google had to renew it in 2020. But Google didn't so. Google ignored to renew. So a Indian Company named 'Domainming.Com' bought it on 24 June, And the company want to sell it for $5,999 USD.

Will Blogger/Blogspot Be Shut Down By Google?

Okay! Many people who have a Blog hosted in Blogger are in fear, because as Google deleted Blogspot.In blogs without any notice, then Google may close its free blogging platform without any hesitation. If you are one of them who are in fear, then be happy now. Because Google never make any decision suddenly. Many people have not noticed that since few years, Blogger has not been providing Blogspot.In subdomains. In simple words, when someone creates a blog on Blogger from India, his free subdomain will be registered as Blogspot.Com instead of Blogspot.In. So you don't have to much worry now, if your site is on Blogger(Blogspot.Com).

Should You Shift To WordPress or Any Other CMS Now?

If you don't have much budget to buy hosting. Then you can stay on Blogger. Later, you can shift to WordPress or any other CMS without losing any data. But make sure to buy a custom domain, because when your blog will be on WordPress or other platforms, then you have to start your blog from scratch again. Because WordPress can't be hosted on Blogspot.Com subdomain as it's a Google's Domain.

Best Cheap Hosting For WordPress

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Don't hurry now. Be consistent in writing articles. Don't copy paste, apply for Google Adsense or any other Ad Network, earn much money to buy a fair hosting for WordPress. Now stay in Blogger, if you don't have much money.