Make Money From YouTube Channel | Detailed Guide

By The All Point
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Make Money Online With A YouTube Channel. How To Earn A Passive Income From YouTube? Read This Article To Know How People Make Money From YouTube Channel For Free.


I already mentioned Video Marketing in my article "How To Make Money Online?". Creating YouTube Videos is also a part of Video Marketing. Here you can create your own brand or personality. Moreover you can promote your services or promote other brands through your videos. And you can earn money from Google Adsense by showing Ads on your videos, then you can make money from YouTube Channel.

How To Start A YouTube Channel?

It's so easy to create a YouTube Channel, you just have to add Channel Name, add Channel Logo and Banner, and Start Uploading Videos.

 But it's not easy to take your channel to a level where it will be called a Successful YouTube Channel. You have to work day after day to grow your channel. Specially, it's very hard to complete first 1000 subscribers. Because it's mandatory to monetize your channel and for making money from YouTube.

Why Should You Start A YouTube Channel?

Now-a-days you can find at least a YouTuber in every colony. Everyone wants themselves to be known. So you can also give a try on YouTube. You can share tips that you know. And you can share your knowledge in what you are interested. You can promote your services. Or you can start Vlogging.

 Not Blogging, some people get confused in these two terms. Blogging means writing just like I am doing. And Vlogging means sharing your lifestyle through a video. Or if you are outside somewhere for roaming, then you can shoot a video describing the place to viewers.

Requirements For Creating A Videos For YouTube :

  • A Mobile or PC/Laptop
  • A Camera(or Smartphone Camera)
  • Microphone(or Smartphone Mic)
  • Great Content Ideas
  • Unique Content

That's it. But if you have a Camera or Microphone, then it will be great start up. But don't worry, you can buy these later after earning.

How Can I Earn Money From YouTube?

You can monetize your channel by Google Adsense. Then your viewers will see ads on your videos. If a viewer clicks on ad, Google will pay you for that. But First of all, You have to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watchtime on your channel to apply for Google Adsense. Then you will start earning.

 If your channel reaches a level where your channel has much subscribers and Viewers, then brands will approach you to promote their product or service. This is also a way to earn money.

  Except these two ways, thee are many indirect ways to make money from your videos. Follow this blog, you will get updated.

How Many Days It Will Take To Earn Money From YouTube?

Everything needs time to show results. If you are thinking that if you start a channel today, and your channel grows after 2-3 days, then YouTube is not for you. You have to consistent. You have to work day after day. After you complete your first 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watchtime, then your channel can be monetized by Google Adsense if you don't violate their Policies and Guidelines.

YouTube's Policy & Guidelines

YouTube is a worldwide platform. So YouTube has some guidelines for creators. If you violate them again and again, YouTube will terminate your channel. Let's talk about them :

  • Copyright Policy : You can't copy and upload any other creator's music or video to get views for your channel.
  • Pornographic Content : You can't upload Pornographic Videos on YouTube.
  • Disturbing Video Footage : You can't upload extremely violating video footage(like Dark Web Sensitive Footages) directly on YouTube.

These are major policy guidelines. You have to follow them to be on YouTube and earn money from YouTube.

Some Channel Category Ideas

Now-a-days every new beginner in YouTube choose Tech Category, because they find that there are many big channels in YouTube in Tech niche. And later they give up YouTube. Choose that niche or category that you have interest and knowledge. There are many undiscovered niche on YouTube. You can work on those. And if you are have good acting skills, then you can start a Vines Channel. Now-a-days vines channels are growing faster than other category, because everyone likes to be entertained. If you don't have any new idea, then follow me. I will share new channel category ideas on this Blog. To be notified, follow us on Social Media.


Don't create a YouTube Channel if you are planning to earn money only. You have to be consistent and helpful to your Viewers and have some patience. You can use tips and tricks that I share through this Blog. Thanks for reading this article - Make Money From YouTube Channel | Detailed Guide.