What Is SEO? Types Of SEO - On Page SEO, Off Page SEO | Explained

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What is SEO(Search Engine Optimization)? How Many Types Of There Are? How SEO Can Bring Massive Traffic To Your Blog/Website? What Is On Page SEO? What Is Off Page SEO? One Article To Smash All These Questions.

What Is SEO? Types Of SEO -  On Page SEO, Off Page SEO | Explained

Introduction To SEO

Have you heard of Google, Bing, Yahoo? Of course, your answer will be postive "Yess". These are the most popular Search Engines all over the world. Google is the world's largest search engine. Many websites appear on SERPs(Search Result Page) when someone search a query. There may be billions of websites which have a result to that query.

  As example, you have searched for a keyword(a query) like "Best Umbrellas For Monsoon" on Google, now Google has to show the best result to the searcher. It's Google's responsibility. Now there are thousands of website which has a List of best umbrellas for monsoon days. Google can't show them all in the top result page or top position. Then Google will find the best. Google will check many factors to show you the best result. Every webmaster or Blogger wants his website to rank in the top position in any search engine. So they follow some rules that search engines love. That is called SEO(Search Engine Optimaization).

Types Of SEO

There are commonly three types of SEO - On Page SEOOff Page SEO & Technical SEO. These three are included in White-Hat SEO, but there is another one which is called Black-Hat-SEO which includes techniques to misguide Search Engines.

On Page SEO

On Page SEO depends on your content writing skill. There are many factors to maintain while writing your content like Headings, Bold Texts, Paragraph, Keyword Density etc. These all factors works in On Page SEO. Basically On Page SEO means what you can do on your website or blog,, that's why it is called 'On Page SEO'. Read our latest post on 'A Guide To On Page SEO', this post will help you to know everything about On Page SEO & how to perform it on your blog.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO needs people's attention to your site from other sites. This can be possible through Backlinks. It means the existence of your site's URLs on other websites. This also improves the authority of your Domain. You need to create backlinks to build your site's trustworth. Simply we can say Off Page SEO simply means your URLs' existence on other websites, that's why it is called 'Off Page SEO'. We'll publish a post shorty about Off Page SEO.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a simple term like On Page SEO & Off Page SEO, but it's the main technique to get your site indexed(visible to search engines). The first, basic & most important thing in SEO, is submitting your site in Search Engines. Technical SEO helps you to do these works like indexing your site, duplication of pages etc. Of you are a newbie, then you may not know these things that I'm saying. Don't worry, we'll learn step by step. I'll publish a exclusive post on Technical SEO very soon. Till then, read my another helpful posts. 

Black-Hat SEO

This SEO technic is not new, so you may have heard of it. It's a misleading SEO technic. It's all about keyword stuffing. In a study, it is found that Search Engines pushes a webpage to its SERP's top results, if that webpage has more Keyword Density than other pages. So Black-Hat SEO Masters do keyword stuffing by changing text color of keywords to white, so that visitors can't see it. There are many things regarding Black-Hat SEO. We'll discuss about them in a separate article.

Domain Health

Domain Health is all about your Domain Status. Your Domain Age must be 6 months old to appear in search results, because search engines don't like to allow a untrusted domain to show on SERP. You can make your Domain trustable to search engines by creating backlinks and mention your Domain in Social Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora. Moreover There are many factors defined by MOZ, a SEO Company. We'll discuss about them in a separate article.


I have already told about Backlinks in Off Page SEO section. So you can read there. But wait, I can't leave you alone. I will give you many lists of sites for creating backlinks for free. To get that, follow me on Social Platforms as well as enable push notifications for my site. Whenever I make something new, you'll be notified.

Social Networks

Remember Social Network is one of the best sources for driving massive organic traffic to your blog. This requires much patients, because you have to create a eco-system in Social Networks. Then your followers will trust you. Moreover Search Engines also check availability and popularity of a Domain in Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others. This also increases your Domain Authority.


SEO is not limited to these factors only. There are many things you must know. I'll publish them through this Website. Moreover The All Point is a multi niche website, so you'll get many things here. Follow me on Social Media Platform to get notified whenever I make something update as well as enable push notifications for The All Point.