How Does A Website Work? Basics Of Web Development : HTML, CSS & JS

By The All Point
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How Does A Website Run? Basics Of Web Development : HTML, CSS & JS. How Your Browser Shows A Webpage? All Basic Things You Must Know About Web Development.

How Does A Website Work? Basics Of Web Development : HTML, CSS & JS
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In your life, this question has disturbed your mind that how a website works. Everytime you use internet or visit any website to gather some information or for anything to download, then you think about how your browser is showing these all things like images, videos or texts etc. Read this article completely to know the basics of Internet.

Domain & Server

 While browsing the web, Have you noticed that many ads related to these two terms- Domain & Hosting, are being shown to you? These two things are main backbones for a website to stand. And the ads are being run by various companies to promote their services. Now we are going to know about them.

What Is Domain?

Domain is like a address. It's called IP Address. It's a path containing numbers that is used to locate any website. Moreover, your phone has its own IP Address. It's very hard to remember because it's length. There are billions of website which have particular IP Addresses. Your browser remembers a website by its IP Address. In order to simplify a website's address, Domain was invented. Like this website(theallpoint.com). It's simple to hear, but there's a IP Address behind this name. Your browser remembers this website by its IP Address.  If you want to start your website, you must have a Domain. There are many Domain Registrars around the Globe. But for the cheapest, you can buy it from NameCheap or GoDaddy.


What Is Server & Hosting?

Server means a space from where a website and its files is served. The files are stored on server. Server is like Computer where a website's all processing occurs. Just like your own PC/Laptop or mobile, when you want to play a music, you have to play it from its location on your disk. Just like this, when someone visits a website, the website will show files from its server. If its server's processing speed is slow, then the website will be also slow. That's why people use CDN(Content Delivery Network) to ensure their traffic be secured. It stores a website's data in its Cache and deliver directly from its database instead of loading from server.

 Some people say that Server and Hosting are same, but there's a difference. That is Server is storage where a website is stored. In another hand, Hosting is can be company which owns a server where a website is stored. You can say Hosting companies which provide Servers. Their are many Hosting companies like Hostinger, BlueHost, A2 Hosting, SiteGround, GoDaddy and NameCheap etc. Thier price range may differ to their services' specifications. Their are many types of Hosting. To know more about Hosting then read my another article about Hosting.

Web Development

Web development defines the process of developing a webpage using programming languages. There are two types of web development- Front-End & Back-End Development.

Web Development Languages(HTML, CSS & JS etc)

Their are many web development languages for web development like HTML, CSS, Js, PHP, Python, C Language. Today we'll discuss about some basics of HTML, CSS & JS, because they are the basic language of Web Development.



HTML means Hypertext Markup Language. It's the main language that is being used for Web Development since many decades. It gives a basic structure to a Webpage.


CSS refers to Cascading Style Sheets. It's a language which can give beauty to a website. A ugly basic webpage can be beautified easily after using CSS. You can add basic animations to a webpage using CSS. It's used for Front-end web development.



JS means Javascript. It's popular programming language of this decade. It is used in both Front-End & Back-End web development. It can be used to create advanced animations, to fetch data from Server. There are many modern families of Javascript. 


These are the main three well-known languages for Web Development. Don't think that Web Development is limited to these three languages only. There are many languages like PHP, Python, C Language etc.



This is only a introduction to Web Development. There are many things you need to know for Web Development. You can start your Web Development journey by leaning HTML, CSS. There are many tutorials on YouTube. Watch them and gear up your journey.