Must Have Android Apps For A YouTuber & Mobile Creator

By The All Point
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Must Have Apps For Every YouTuber! Android Apps That Every Mobile Creator Needs. If You Are A YouTube Content Creator & Using Your Phone For Video Marketing, Then You Must Use These Apps To Boost Your Results To Get More Views & Subscribers.

Must Have Apps For Every YouTuber! Android Apps Every Mobile Creator Needs.


Hello Guys! I think you have read my article on "How To Make Money Online With A YouTube Channel", where I discussed all about how to work on YouTube and earn money from it. Now I gonna tell you the most important Apps for YouTubers. If you are a Mobile Creator, then you must need these apps. These apps are free with limited features. You can use full features by buying them. But don't worry, I know everyone doesn't have money to purchase apps. I have a solution to this problem also. I will add download links later to get these apps for absolutely free.

  I have divided theses apps according to their functionalities. Like Recording, Editing, Audio, Thumbnails etc. Don't miss to read any of them.


Video Recording

If you create facecam videos like vines or informative videos, then you need to capture a high quality video for better audience retention. Our phone's default camera can't capture videos in that quality we want. Our Default Camera doesn't have enough features to produce a better video. In this case, We need extra apps to capture good content. These are the needed apps listed below to capture video.

Filmic Pro

It's an app created for high quality videos. It's a paid app. It has many features that you can't expect form your Phone's Default Camera. It's not bulit for every phone. Only some limited phone can run this app. That's why you can't download this app from Google Play Store for all phones, you need to download this app from Google manually. After downloading, check if it can run on you device. In my case, I downloaded it from third party website. When I tried to run it, it ran without any difficulty. So, you need to try it ones.

Cinema FV-5

This app have two varieties. First one is free to use, and another one is paid. Both of then are available in Google Play Store. Its free version(Cinema FV-5 Lite) is more than enough. If you need its paid version for free, then search on Google to get it for free.

 I prefer this two apps for video recording. There are many apps who claims that their app is best, but believe me those apps are fully loaded with Ads. Go always with the genuine and trusted apps.

Screen Recording

Some YouTubers creates tutorial videos on Mobile Phone. They record their Phone's Screen to show the steps for any specific purpose. If you are one of them, then you need to know about this app. This app is completely free without any ads and watermark. And the quality of its output video is also impressive.

Screen Recorder(Android App)

This is the app. Its name is too simple as like as its interface. It's too easy to use. It has floating toolbar to capture. It can record upto highest resolution your device supports. Moreover it can record your Phone's Internal Audio where as other Screen Recording Apps fail to perform it. Now I am in love with this app.

Video Editing

After recording video, now we need to edit our video like merging videos, adding texts with animations, adding filters to make our video outstanding. It's very process to do these in mobile phone with these two apps. These two apps have so much popularity for 2-3 years. The numbers of Mobile Creators has been increasing very fast since some years. Beacuse everyone has mobile phone. So everyone wants to earn money from YouTube by uploading videos from their phone. Most of these Mobile Creators use one of these apps to edit videos.


This is the primary video editing app for Mobile Creators at this time, because any other video editing app can't offer the features this app has. It was launched in 2013. You can edit your videos professionally like editing in PC/Laptop. There are many features in this app you can use to give extra-ordinary effects to your content. As a YouTube Creator, I prefer this app than the second. In fact, I use this app to edit my videos. You can export your video at maximum 4K resolution and 60 FPS. It's available for free with ads, less features and its watermark. You need to buy its premium usage to get all features. But there is way to download its premium modded version for free. You just need to search on Google and YouTube for its premium modded APK File. Then you will be able to use its premium features for absolutely free.

(Cyberlink) Power Director

It's another most loved app for Mobile Creators after KineMaster. It also have many features like KineMaster, but it can't offer all the features that KineMaster gives you. If you edit your videos for only merging and adding text and music to your videos, then you can use this one. It's also same as KineMaster. You can use it for free with ads, less features and watermark. If you need its premium version for free, then do search on Google and YouTube for its premium APK File.

Audio Editing

Sometimes our Phone's Microphone catches external background noise from our video. Then we need to clear it to make our video well-optimized. Then we need a good Audio Editor to adjust our audio's variables. In this case, I can remember only one app's name.

Lexis Audio Editor

It's an free app for mixing and optimizing audio. It's available on Google Play Store. You can use this one to remove background noise from your video. I use this app for optimizing audio of my YouTube Videos. But you can't export your audio at MP3 Format using the free version of this app. You need to upgrade your account to export at MP3 Format. But don't worry, you can still export your audio at WAV Format for free.

Thumbnail Making

Thumbnails are the most important thing that can bring views and new subscribers to your YouTube Channel. Because every new viewer comes to your video after seeing your video's Title and Thumbnail. In this case, you need to write attractive Title and Thumbnails for your videos. It's very easy for Mobile Creators with these two apps I am going to tell you. These apps are easily available to use. I use both of them to make thumbnails for my YouTube Videos.


It's an easily available app for Both Android & IOS. It has been a very popular Photo Editing App since a few years. Basically it's a professional photo editor. But, you can create attractive Thumbnails for your YouTube Videos using PicsArt. It's available for Android for free in Google Play Store. But you need to upgrade its membership to Gold to use Advanced Features like Premium FX, Filters etc. If you need its premium version for free, then try the way I mentioned for the apps listed above.


Now, it's the app that I use and prefer to make YouTube Thumbnails. In fact, I use this app for making images fir this website. You can call it 'Mobile Photoshop'. You can do everything you need to create a good thumbnail. But there is a only feature that I can't find in PixelLab. That is Blur Feature. Sometimes I need to blur my background. Then I use PicsArt to make that possible. And the rest about PixelLab is awesome. I prefer you to use this app.

Managing Channel

Now, this is the main app which we must need to manage our YouTube Channel. Here we need this app developed by Google LLC.

YT Studio

It's the mobile version of Creator Studio for YouTube Content Creators. You can use this app to see your channel's stats like Views, Like, Comments and Source of Views etc. After monetizing you channel, you can see your revenue directly from this app. Every YouTuber must have this app installed on their phones.


These are the basic and must have apps for every YouTube Content Creator. Except these apps, there are many apps used by YouTubers for different purposes. I use these apps listed above for creating videos for YouTube. You should install them and start using them. Thank you for reading this article.