Top 5 Web Hosting Recommended For WordPress.Org | 2021

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Confused In Choosing Web Hosting For Your WordPress Blog? Here's A List Of Top 5 Best Web Hosting Providers Recommended For WordPress.Org In 2021. Top Rated Web Hosting Providers For WordPress.


Hello, Are you confused in choosing Web Hosting for installing WordPress? Yes!! Then your Confusion will be converted to Confirmation very soon after reading this complete article. It doesn't matter whether you are Indian or belonged to any other countries. I have covered everything about the mentioned Web Hosting Providers below. All of them have three types of Hosting- WordPress Hosting(Shared Hosting), Reseller Hosting & VPS Hosting. For Your personal or small business website/blog, I'll recommend you to buy Shared Hosting/WordPress Hosting. This article will be helpful for each and everyone. So, don't worry to trust my words.

Top 5 Hosting Recommended For WordPress

Here’s our list of Top 5 Best Web Hosting Providers Recommended For WordPress For 2021

  1. SiteGround
  2. A2 Hosting
  3. GreenGeeks
  4. BlueHost
  5. Hostinger

Now I'll show you each of these Hosting Providers' Price & Features with a draft overview.

1. SiteGround

I have mentioned SiteGround first in this list, because I prefer SiteGround. It's Speed & Reliability are awesome. But it's so costly compared to others. Its plans starts from $6.99/Month which is not a good option for Beginners. Moreover there are some traffic limitations in its plans. Its Basic which costs $6.99 per month, will allow you maximum 10,000 visitors per month. And its GoGeek(Business Plan) will cost you $14.99/Month allowing you only 100,000 visitors per month. If you have much budget, you can purchase this.

Check Out SiteGround

2. A2 Hosting

It's one of the most loved Hosting Services. Its starting price is not so expensive. You can say it's beginner friendly for every new blogger. Its plans starting from $2.99/Month which is a budget friendly cost and it will allow you to host only 1 Website and 100GB of SSD Storage in the cheapest plan. You can go with it. You can check out its plans from here:

Check Out A2 Hosting

3. GreenGeeks

Now it's also a good web hosting for WordPress Blogs. It's Shared Hosting Plans are starting from $2.95/Month which is cheaper than A2 Hosting. The best thing about this hosting is, it's reviewed positively by one of the top Indian Bloggers, Umer Qureshi on his YouTube Channel & Blog- Guide Blogging. And he is too using it from past few months. You can check out its plans with full details from here.

Check Out GreenGeeks

4. BlueHost

BlueHost is one of the best Web Hosting Providers around the globe. It's speed, caching capacity & security updates are awesome. And it's recommended by WordPress.Org since 2005. And I also have good experience with it personally. It's Basic Plan costs $3.95/Month, but if you are Indian, then the price chart will be different from BlueHost.Com. BlueHost.In is offering the Basic Plan at ₹199/Month. It's cheaper than $3.95. And the best deal is Blue is offering 100% Free Domain with its all plans. Here you can get best deal with these Check Out Buttons below. But remember that if you are Indian, then click on the Second Button to best deal.

Check Out BlueHost.Com

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5. Hostinger

It's the best Beginner Friendly Hosting which is best for new blogs. It's the cheapest hosting in our list, but don't underestimate it because it has been in the market since many years. Its plans starts from ₹59/Month with the Basic Plan, but I don't recommend you to buy this one, because it can't handle an average amount of traffic due to low specifications. You should purchase its Premium Plan. Don't worry, it's not so expensive. It will cost you $2.89/Month. But here's a great price cut for Indian Customers. You can get its Premium Plan at ₹119/Month only. And moreover, we have a Promo Code for Extra Discount for everyone who visits our blog. Get the Promo Code from this article: Hostinger Promo Code 2020.

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My Personal Advice

It's 2020, everyone is busy. And our upcoming 2021 will make people more busy. So, always make your blog/website speedy to make sure that your visitors are satisfied with your blog. In this case, you'll need the Best WordPress Hosting For 2021. The best is Cloud Hosting which is very costly. And the rest option is Shared Hosting which can't give you best speed unless it's SiteGround. SiteGround is the best one, but it's so expensive. Okay, now you may get confused in choosing the right one for your need. Don't worry, I'm here to kill your confusion. First of all, if you are a beginner with less knowledge about Blogging, then go with BlueHost or Hostinger(if don't have enough budget) to start your Blogging Journey. And you already have enough knowledge about Blogging and you believe that you'll get lots of traffic, then I'll recommend you to start your blog with SiteGround because it performs much better than others of this list. Or go with GreenGeeks because its cost is budget friendly as compared to SiteGround. And BlueHost also gives good performance. Now it's your choice to purchase Hosting for your blog.


I have given a draft overview of all of them above. But the plans' price can change anytime, so make sure to check out the latest price through the Check Out Buttons. And never rely on Unknown Hosting Companies or Free Hostings. Always go with a Brand which is realible like these companies mentioned above. Thanks for reading this article about Top 5 Best Web Hosting Providers Recommended For WordPress.Org In 2021. Follow us for more updates and new posts.